May 2020 Review

I started Dividend Pathway to hold myself accountable to investing for retirement and clawing my way out of debt.  Since this is my first monthly review- I am going to establish a baseline using a current status- then adjust from there on.


No dividend payouts in May; However- XOM, ADM, and MMM are paying dividends in June!  The chart shows my current estimated 2020 payout vs. actual payout.

May 2020 payouts


I started buying dividend paying stocks in April- but lets level set the portfolio as of May 31, 2020 for use in future months

May 2020 PortfolioMay Sector Weights

Net Worth

On December 31st, net worth was $1,657 when reality struck and a savings mindset finally set in.  Net worth is showing good growth this year, two retail credit cards have been paid off and budget solidified.

May 2020 Net Worth
2020 Net Worth

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Top article: Altria Stock Analysis

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