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  • AT&T- Stock Analysis
    AT&T, a dividend aristocrat, now a global behemoth, nominally started when the words “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you” were spoken over a telephone March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas Watson. A phone call, placed to a location 8 miles away over telegraph lines, occurred only a… Continue Reading →
  • JP Morgan Dividend
    JP Morgan’s dividend history since the turn of the century is the topic of Friday’s snapshot.  The purpose of the post is not to provide a full analysis of a company, but rather a quick look at a 20-year dividend trend. JP Morgan’s dividend is currently $3.60 and yielding 3.38% with an ex-dividend date of… Continue Reading →
  • Stock Screener
    Stock screeners are important in narrowing down thousands of companies into a handful to conduct further research.  I developed my strategy after conducting research into various methods devised by many popular blogs in the dividend investment niche.  Hopefully this guide can help shorten your hunting for solid companies to invest in. Dividend History The most… Continue Reading →

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